Doing versus Not Doing, Living versus Existing. 

Feeling a certain sense of sadness, dread and nervousness?  Does it feel like you are experiencing a physical or mental ‘blockage’ and emotional exhaustion? 

Ever feel it’s harder to deal with life at certain times more than others?  It is like fatigue has its fingers in your physical and emotional pies, draining your energy away and immobilizing you.  Try as you may to achieve life goals, it is difficult to finish them, or perhaps even get started. 

It is like your ‘get up and go’ has ‘got up and gone’!!  It feels like a dreaded enemy lurks within you, as you battle to get everything done.  Sometimes, you are able to pick yourself up and brush the physical symptoms and emotions aside.  

We allexperience moments like this – times when we procrastinate, hesitate, stagnate, and motivational juices dwindle and dry up. 

However, sometimes this feeling is longer lasting and it becomes extremely distressing.  

Have you ever found yourself immobilized and sitting, staring into space knowing you have responsibilities ahead, but do not know why you can’t bring yourself to do them?    You want to run away, crying and avoid everyone and all responsibility.  Usual invitations to social events are received with dread.  Getting up and going to work becomes exhausting.

This experience can be the born out of many factors such as taxed coping skills, burn out, complexity of life stressors, personal background/historical experiences, relationship stress, personal or professional support, thinking patterns, emotional or physical pain, medical issues, problem solving skills, physiological or health issues, grief, loss and so many more…. 

Regardless, there is mental paralysis. Energy is depleted by stress, worrying, and sadness.  The body becomes a constellation of complaints including chest tightness, heart palpitations, sweating, headaches, light headedness, sore muscles, racing thoughts, shaking, weakness, and fatigue to name a few.

People spin their wheels, feeling like they are making no progress at all.  There are times when the stack of bills, personal demands, and life tasks seems so overwhelming that the thought of movement takes on a sickening potency, filled with fearful emotional ferocity, and its’ companions, sadness, anger and anxiety. The thought of plunging forward is agony. 

Occasionally, you we feel able to spring into action at the chime of the starting bell, experiencing the grueling but welcome final push to the finish line, but other times you struggle to stay in the race of life. This includes the relationship race for those we love (and ourselves), the professional race (so we may continue to earn and to contribute), the emotional race, and the physical race. So, we creak out another week, another day, another hour by beating back the evils of stagnation. Yet it’s an inexplicable struggle.  We feel stuck, though anxious to move ahead. 

You might resort to an old standby….  Just do it, just do it, just do it.But the ‘do it’ is gone, and the effectiveness of that particular mantra is NOT that effective anymore. 

Can you relate to this? 

So, how do you find your “get up and go”– for socialising, family, relationships, work, challenges, and passions – especially when your usual happiness, calm and motivation seem to have ‘got up and deserted you’?

Intervention with a psychologist, like Trudy can help.  Intervention focusing on personal and lifestyle issues, cognitive and behavioural skills will help you to manage and prevent anxiety and depression, and manage stress.  You will learn to identify and challenge unhelpful thinking patterns, core beliefs and foster positive self-regulation skills so you can manage life’s challenges, maneuver life’s emotional demands and achieve your personal goals. 

To get help on your journey and start living again phone make an appointment with psychologist Trudy Sheffield book online today!