Meet Our Team

Trudy Sheffield

Registered Psychoplogist. B.Beh.Sc (Hons) 

Trudy Sheffield is a relatable, conversational psychologist, who works alongside people to find solutions to life disturbances and live to their potential. Trudy works with professionalism, integrity and competence. Professional rapport, co-researching and building a positive therapeutic alliance are of primary importance to her work. 

Jessamy Henricksen

BPsych, Grad Dip Sexol, Grad Dip Psych. Assoc MAPS, S.A.S Member.

Jessamy Henricksen is a sexologist with Compass Psychology, who is currently undertaking her Ph.D. with CQU. She is a caring, compassionate and gentle person, who encourages clients to tap into their inner resilience in their path to feel empowered. Jessamy takes a holistic view in life and with her clients and is committed to integrating a range of modalities in working with clients.